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Bonfire Party

Now Only £6.99

monster Sparkler

Monster Sparkler £1.00

large sparklers

Large Sparklers 69p

Coloured Sparklers

Coloured Sparklers 79p

Medium Sparklers

Medium Sparklers 39p

Meteor Storm Rocket Pack 



Phoenix Rocket Pack £69.99


Pegasus Rocket Pack £46.99

Extreme Machines Rocket Set




Ultimate Battle of Colours

Ultimate Battle of Colours- £5.99


Minefield- £13.99

Diamond Princess 


elite selection box

Elite Selection Box 


Swords Of Fire


Northen Lights Rocket Pack 



Asteroids Rocket Pack £1.99


Comets Rocket Pack £1.99

Shooting Stars Rocket Pack 



Dragon Rocket Pack £58.99


Griffin Rocket Pack £63.99

Super bomb


ultimate warrior

One Light Boxes - £6.49

Krazy Clock

Krazy Klock- £12.99

Merlin Apprentice 


Tri Fawkes 


Putting on a fireworks show for your family or friends?

You'll be pleased to find that Chaplins stocks fireworks of all shapes and sizes, at fantastic prices! Come and visit us in store to browse our range, and if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

In accordance with Devon & Somerset Trading Standards, the authorised periods for the sale of fireworks at our Taunton store are:

October 15 – November 10
December 26 – December 31
1st day of Chinese New Year and the 3 days immediately preceding it
Day of Diwali (Hindu New Year) and the 3 days immediately preceding it

Fireworks available all year round in Plymouth store but limited times in Taunton